MARS - Software Test Automation

MARS - Software Test Automation
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Marqus provides Testing as a Service

Marqus provides test automation software 

MARS is a keyword driven framework with specific focus on vendor based and homegrown applications for treasury and Capital Markets.

  • Keyword driven editor used to define tests, enabling an easy migration path from
    traditional testing to automated testing
  • Script-less automated test cases
  • Reusable test cases
  • Specialized software to control the execution of tests
  • Scheduling engine to make efficient use of hardware resources
  • Statistical reporting engine to meet individual governance or regulatory
  • Thousands of ready to use test cases
  • Advanced batch compare tools
  • Automate keyboard input and remote databases call
  • Data compare tool including databases, text files, XML, etc

When to use it?

  • Regression Test
  • Upgrades, Service packs, patches
  • Performance Testing
  • Stress testing
  • New releases
  • New Application/Features implementation
  • Database, Operating System and hardware upgrades



  • Improved software quality
  • Lower costs by 55%-70%
  • Shorter test cycles
  • Higher test coverage
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